Well I find myself sitting here late at night; 1:38am to be exact. But I’m here for a good cause. I am here for one reason and one reason only. You all may know this man as: Mr. Perkins, Mike, Michael. But I’m proud to call him my: Dad, Daddy-O, Old Man, Father, Life Giver (you probably get the point now). Anyway I just want to say thank you for everything. You’ve been supporting everything I’ve chosen (good choices) and the decisions I’ve stayed by. So in return I’m supporting your blog, well I don’t know if I’m exactly doing that lol. I just took the time to find pictures from the fun times we’ve had.  I hope we have many more fun adventures that we’ll go through and be able to talk about. I just want to say thanks: for the support, the discipline, your hard work, your motivation, and your adventures you force me on that I end up enjoying in the end. Even though I’ve been going through so much change in so little time, I practically am a whole other person now with contacts and no braces. But I want to assure you that even my though my physical features and many other things change my love for you is something that’ll forever stay the same. I don’t say this enough but I love you dad and I hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!! I hope you enjoy my gift. If there’s any mistakes (spelling errors, grammar, unctuation, etc) blame my dad lol just kidding.

From your Swagged Out Son

Chrissy P Perkins


Spring Break Adventures
Spring Break Adventures
New York 2014
New York 2014 Sorry mom! I had to cut you out lol. No hard feelings, right?

6 thoughts on “Apppreciation

  1. Mary says:

    Chris you did an outstanding job writing your appreciation for your father. I’m so proud of you. Continue to have memorable times with that old man. He is the best. Happy Fathers Day to my big boy, my little man my one and only son. I love you.

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  2. Josephine Smith-Andrewin says:

    .Chris you did such a good job on writing your appreciation to your dad. I am so very proud of you and so happy with the relationship you have with your parents. Please continue to be the smart, handsome, caring and funny young man that you are. We love you so very much!

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