BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

A few weeks ago I happened to be scrolling thru my spam folder looking for an email when I came across an invitation from BMW to come out and test out their vehicle line this weekend. Now I have done several of these driving events in the past, but for different manufacturers.  Since I started my blog I had been looking for an event to attend to write about and what do you know…Boom!  Right here in the good ole spam folder nestled between an incredible banking opportunity from the Prince of Zamunda and my free trial of Viagra pills emails was my Willy Wonka Golden Ticket email from BMW to come out and enjoy myself.  Very excited, I emailed my wife and told her, Its on like Donkey Kong!  I’m getting ready to see just how Ultimate their cars are…hmmm!


Well, I went to register and found out that all dates were filled up and only the wait-list was available but I signed us up anyway.  The wife and I hopped in the Audi and showed up at 8:30 am ready see what the other German competitor had to offer.  Now for some reason Saturday’s temp was like 110 degrees, but it was still a beautiful day overall.  Now if you don’t know what wait-list means, it means that we are not able to participate in the auto-cross activities unless some lazy folks did not show up for their assigned time slots.  The only thing is that there were 20-30 other people who were waiting as well so we didn’t make the 9 am cut off for drivers 😦

BMW had a Suite set up for all that were invited.  This suite was very plush and set up like a sterile showroom.  Think Diddy and his white parties in the Hamptons.  They had an espresso bar, a buffet of dried fruit and assorted nuts with 3…I said 3 different drinking waters!  There was  the standard cucumber, but also strawberry, and lemon-lime.  Rather refreshing and appropriate for its clientele.  Enough about that…lets talk cars!


I was never really looking at BMW unless it was an M, but I was really impressed with the line of vehicles, from the 1000 RR street bike to the 228i coupe all the way up to the 750Li.  The first vehicle we test drove was the X5 and MAN was my mind blown with the way this vehicle was packaged.  Soft subtle leather and refinement like I’d never seen in a SUV.  I fell instantly in love with the giant panoramic roof, definitely a must have for my next vehicle.  The heads up display captured my wife’s heart as well as the accuracy of the navigation.  The heads up display showing on the windshield not only shows your navigation route, your speed, but also the posted speed limit…WHUUUUUUUT!  MIND BLOWN!!!

I took control of the 550i GT.  I really like this style of car, similar to our Honda Crosstour with its 5-door hatchback styling.  The ride in both vehicles was very nice and the handling for vehicles of this size is a reason that BMW excels in this market demographic.  The one vehicle that I was anxious to get my hands on was the 228i coupe as the M235 was not available for my abuse.  Automotive journalists have been giving a lot of praise to the M235 coupe saying how much better and truer the driving experience is over the M3/4 series that just came out. Getting behind the wheel of the M4’s little brother gave me some insight, especially when I put the vehicle into Sport+ mode and blipped the paddle shifters.  The 240hp from this little light weight marvel reminds me that I need to do an engine remapping on my TT to unlock some more power.  APR here I come.

OK, well I am getting a bit too wordy, so on to the pics.



550i GT


Race Car




1000 RR



Sexy i8


Sexy wife






435i M package



M3 Pace-car


M4 coupe

That’s All Folks!

2 thoughts on “BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

  1. I didn’t want to like these cars given my anti-BMW past, but they got me. 😍😍😍 Awesome event. And I’m glad they got the memo and matched their suite decor to my attire. LOL!


  2. 07GSXR1000 says:

    Nice outing.. I thought they were gonna dump that 550gt/m6 line..still have no idea what those are still out n about..i cringe every time i see one…want to run over and throw a towel over them and yell, “don’t look folks”…kudos to BMW for backing up T Cruise and the latest MI flick..nothing brings a smile like watching cruise and crew on super bikes..yuuup, that S1000RR is a serious machine..and, add a gal in leathers on one and…well, i’d better stop right here on that note..;).. funny, just don’t seem to run into any gals around here on them..:(.. nice seeing those old track racers!..brings back memories..only seen 1 i8 on the digs…

    Liked by 1 person

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