BMW M235i Driftmob

This is for all of you Euro-car loving, drifting fanboys and girls out there…oh, and of course the BMW M Powered fans out there.  I snagged from YouTube the best wheel-and-dance display of drifting ever done outside of Ken Block.

I present to you…BMW’s – The Epic Driftmob!


3 thoughts on “BMW M235i Driftmob

  1. 07GSXR1000 says: these “set ups”..take a lot of work and who wouldn’t love “going to work” to drive on this set..Now, let’s go back to the early 80s, before all this high tech stuff etc..Subaru’s Gemini (not sure if ever sold here) but, had several commercials for the Japanese market..check this video out..a bit grainy but it’s several commercials put together..”Dancing in Paris” CGI, etc.. real drivers, not the hottest looking cars and, lot’s of practice but, this is what “awed” us back then..check it out…

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