Kobe’s farewell tour

Showing a little L.A. Lakers love trying to catch Kobe Bryant in his farewell tour!  I received some VIP tickets and free parking from work so me and my son took a little road trip in the Crosstour to Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles to watch the Lakers play against Rajon Rondo and the Sacramento Kings.  Awesome outing with my son.  Our parking was upgraded when we arrived at Staples…nice!  The seats were awesome.  Food was pricey but pretty good, especially the giant chocolate chunk cookies.  Although the Lakers lost, we had a great time.

Sorry there’s no automotive content this go round, but there were some nice ones in the parking garage.  I’ll break you off with some cars next time.



Rajon Rondo


Photos courtesy of me and my Galaxy Note 5

OK, just one of the TT


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