Epic Rally Fail (E.R.F.)

SMDH!  Who has 2 thumbs and thought they were Ken Block, Tanner Foust, or Scott Speed?  This guy right here.

First of all keep it on a track, closed race course or something that will not endanger the lives of innocent folks and wildlife.

Secondly, don’t push it to the limit.  There is no trophy or prize money at the end of that backroad.  And no honorable mention for coming in dead.

Lastly, know your limits and the limits and characteristics of the vehicle.  AWD does not mean it will not slide, understeer, or spin out of control.  The R&D put into designing the vehicle does not guarantee that you will instantaneously be a Formula 1 driver,  Formula Drift podium finisher, or the next Redbull Global Rally Cross  champion.

Hone and craft your driving skills before you challenge the road and for God’s sake be careful.

Ok, that was my PSA for 2017.  Now onto the videos.


Throwing this one in because idiot driver.  Skills but insane!

Thank you interwebs and YouTube.
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