Guess who’s back?

You know that face you made the moment when you’ve finally mastered lift-off oversteer or Drift mode in your Focus ST/RS, or when you nailed the apex at a local drift event in your Mustang?  Then you go home all excited to upload your video to YouTube only to see that Ken Block released Climbkhana and he is dangling the back end of the Hoonicorn off a cliff?

Yep… that’s the face. 

Oh well, enjoy anyway! 🤣

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2 thoughts on “Guess who’s back?

  1. 07GSXR1000 says:

    hummmm….ahhhhh..ok, i’ll say it..and???..what’s the big deal?…didn’t get me pumped up..left with the feeling like he was just looking to put some “filler” video together..give this one a C-..I’ve always enjoyed his prior productions but this left me like i was drinking a can of pepsi that was left out on the counter for a few hour…Tokyo drift came out years ago…there, i said it…


    1. I do not approve of your underwhelmedness. Pikes Peak hillclimb is a beast of a challenge and do put your life on the line to do this climb is a feet in its own, let alone drifting and doing donuts on this hill. Filler video, maybe. But the fact still remains, he is an impressive driver. Whether it is him, Millen, Foust, or the dude from Gas Monkey Garage…my hats are off to them for the attempts.


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