The “Other” Hamilton?

First off, great story HBO and Bryant Gumbel.  HBO did a Real Sports segment on Lewis Hamilton touching on his racimg career and the adversity he faced being the first African American in the sport of F1.  What was also discussed in this interview segment was the younger Hamilton brother that not too many people hear about.

Nicolas Hamilton is Lewis’ younger brother.  Very supportive, but in the shadows of his very talented and successful older brother, Nicolas has his own story that deserves some light shed upon it.  Born premature and diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy, I’m sure it was difficult to follow in someone’s footsteps, but Nicolas seems to be taking it in stride.  Very successful at online racing he was encouraged by his older brother to give actual racing a go.  Given Nicolas disability he is overcoming the odds and is now competing as a professional race car driver.  The sport of car racing is challenging, and having to heart and stones to compete is something to admire.

Nicolas we will keep an eye out for you.

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