Introducing the All-new Ford Fiesta ST

Welcome back everyone. Scrolling through YouTube today, I came across this video of the upcoming Ford Fiesta ST, and you know what…it looks pretty good. In the video you can see that it dances across the track nicely and the chassis looks as lively as ever.

The upcoming redesigned model receives both Sport and Race modes, similar to that of it’s bigger brother, the Focus RS.

Although I like the styling, I’m not completely sold on the exterior. Can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe it’s the taillights or the LED strip in the headlights, but something doesn’t work for me. I do like that they addition of the adaptive headlights like that of the projector lamps find on the Focus RS and Focus ST (ST2/3 package), only these are a jewel pattern similar to that of Acura. These might be part of an upgrade package similar to how they structure the Focus ST with the ST 1,2, & 3 . Depending on your selection you get upgraded lighting, seats and infotainment system based on the package.

On the inside they improved the look of the Recaros. They still look very supportive while looking a bit less restrictive. In the picture below you can see that they are covered in cloth rather than the two-toned partial leather you see in the current generations ST2 package and have a stiched pattern that runs vertical down the middle portion of the seats.

Reading up on the vehicle, Ford gave the horsepower output a small bump to 200 from the 197 hooning ponies you get now. There is an optional LSD which I’m sure lots of enthusiasts will select the opt box for when purchasing. Aside from what I mentioned earlier the ST also gets Ford’s patented – force vectoring springs and the addition of launch control, so you can now “Send It!” without the need for aftermarket ECU tuning.

From what I’ve read the Fiesta ST will not make its way back to the states after 2018, so it’s likely that we will not get this model version of the ST. But that door is not 100% closed as markets outside of Europe will be discussed at a later date per a Ford spokesman.

For now I’m just waiting on the Focus ST launch and promo videos to surface, because that seems to be the only Ford hot hatch making its way back to the states after 2018 models.

Video and photos courtesy of Ford Europe and the interwebs

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