Snapshot Saturday

Was hanging out with the family in Coronado on Saturday looking for a vacation beach home to purchase (jk) and came across this fully custom 86. Posted at the corner it garnered much attention as people walking by couldn’t help but gawk and take pictures. I spotted it from across the park and had to make my way over to take some pics for all of you to enjoy.

I’m not too familiar with distinguishing the difference between the years but I do know that the body style has not changed much over the years that the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ/ Toyota 86 have been on the market. I am a fan of them and the amount of customization that is available for them from numerous companies. Reminds me of when the Honda Civic took over the customization world back in the nineties.

The one featured here sports a wide body conversation, a nice custom wrap job, extremely wide wheel set-up, and an array of custom touches. Through the windshield I spy a carbon fiber gauge pod for the factory gauges. On the exterior you can see carbon mirrors, a front splitter, an aggressive stance, and what looks like a Mishimoto oil cooler, or a tiny intercooler peeking from behind the opening in the front grill.

Nice touches all over…very show worthy and of course worth sharing with all of you. Enjoy snapshot Saturday.

Mishimoto oil cooler (or mini intercooler).

Massive front splitter.

Duckbill style rear spoiler.

Aggressive wheel set-up.

Carbon fiber gauge pod.

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