What ever happened to MTV Cribs?

Looks like everyone’s favorite celebrity cribs show MTV died a while ago and rightfully so. Lavish lifestyles of the stupid rich was at times unnerving when you are punching a clock day in and day out. But as we get older and gain control of our finances a glimmer of hope sets in and we start to acquire some of those MTV Crib ideas and concepts, on a budget, but we try. We design our homes based on what fits our lifestyle.

For automotive enthusiast I’ve seen home garages set up like a mechanics bay equipped with lifts and air hoses attached to the walls using a central compressor unit. For people who like to entertain, I’ve seen homes with wet bars or beach barbecue setups in their backyard. And homes with elaborate mancaves and shesheds. We are getting there…but this right here is darn near perfect for the for hardcore racetrack enthusiast.

Brainerd International Raceway is home to not only a nice race track but also literally two of the most amazing homes I’ve ever seen.

Priced around $1 mill, a true bargain if you ask me. Ownership of one of these bad boys comes with 24/7 track access as well as access to a 6000 sq ft lake for those days where you just want to chill out away from the racetrack. Huh, and why would you want to do that? BIR you had me at Raceway!

Its nice to walk through a well done garage full of eye candy, but a turntable for your car and an upstairs viewing area of the garage…Come on son! Elevator, bar, and both residences have a rooftop lounge where you can watch races all year round. A life of leisure excitement.

If I only had the financial resources to own one of these…one day.

#lifegoals #droolworthy

Video courtesy of 1320 videos

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