It’s been a while since my last blog post. I have not been attending any automotive events or taking cool pictures…truth is I haven’t really found anything to really write about. Yesterday I was watching an episode of “The Last Dance” docuseries about Michael Jordan and my wife says that she always gets choked up when hearing or watching a story about a person that knows what they want to do with their life at an early age and fulfill that dream. Over the years I have, like so many others, struggled with what it is that I am passionate about, or meant to do as a career.

When I was a kid I remember having a book that documented each year of my educational life. The book had a pocket for each year to hold my report cards and sections to write in accomplishments, dreams and even the infamous “What I want to be when I grow up…” section. I vividly remember writing a “Policeman”, “Actor”, and “Stuntman” for a few years. I may have even written in “Astronaut” and “Fireman” a few times, and there was this one time I put “Racecar Driver”. What I don’t recall ever putting down was “Writer”, “Journalist”, or “Blogger”. All similar with an emphasis in writing. Putting words down for others to read? Putting words down to paint a picture for others to visualize a story? Hmmm?

In the mid-90s, I used to write raps, produce beats, and perform on stage with dreams of being a star rapper travelling the world. Going from stage to stage entertaining thousands of people with them rapping my lyrics along with me. I did some local performances with my group M.A.D Styles. I later moved to Vegas, where along with Mello (one of the other rappers in my group), we hosted a late night hip-hop radio show, where we broke new songs. We’d travel back and forth to CA picking up new music from a music rep at Capital Records or music conventions that we attended. In Vegas we set our sights on organizing a talent show.  During that time we also helped some people open a nightclub. It was an exciting time in my life and I had so much energy flowing through me. Working a graveyard shift, editing commercial drops and filling in at the radio station during the day. We promoted the club in the afternoon and hosted the radio show on Friday nights. I saw big things on the horizon, but those dreams and goals were extinguished when Mello began throwing the ship off course. So, I did the best thing for myself and packed up and moved back home.

Back in CA, I found that I was occasionally writing raps but eventually started to focus more of writing scenes and castng myself into sitcoms I’d watch on T.V. Creating those roles and writing scenes was probably brought on from my many encounters with celebrities during my stint as a lobby security officer in the building that housed 3 Arts Entertainment. I was bit and bit hard by the entertainment bug. I wanted to be in the Hollywood game of creating, directing and acting (going back to my childhood dream). I did eventually do some background work on movies, game shows and music videos, but I wanted to do more. I eventually began writing short film treatments and scripts. I shot a short film with thr help of my friend Dave using my HI-8 video recorder in the late 90s. Which reminds me that I still need to finish up the editing on that. So, I guess you can put director and videographer on my list of things I’ve done over the years. That short film experience morphed into me writing a script after getting a story idea while at work one day… “The Ticket” was born. A script I wrote, took to the Writers Guild trying to secure a copywrite. From there I began networking all over the greater Los Angeles area. Also at that time, my friend Dave had me video recording his on-air DJ’ing for his radio show…can you say full circle?

I say all this to say that, when I reflect on my past and what I was passionate about, it always goes back to some form of entertainment. And as I sit here writing this entry, I have realized that I like to tell stories. Regarding my writing over the years I have received positive responses and some criticisms, but overall people tell me that they appreciate how I painted the picture within my story and they were able to visualize what I was writing. To me that is the best compliment. I created a picture, a setting, a landscape…created sight and sound from words. I know that my talents are not necessarily on par with a seasoned automotive journalist, or a nominated screenwriter, but I believe that I have found my passion. I enjoy writing and creating as much as some guys love playing b-ball with the fellas at the park. Just like they may not be in the NBA or the next Kobe or Jordan, they play with passion and are energized with the thought of getting on the court for a pick-up game or street league. I feel that way when I hit my first keystroke for a blog or story.

I think of automotive journalist and use my love of automobiles to navigate me through a blog post. At times writing as if to impress them, but I really write for myself. After all its my story to tell. But if I want to excel, then I need to focus on the greats yet hone my own style. There is a road ahead, curvy and full of dips and hills, that I need to travel down. Only thing is when it starts going uphill, I need to drop a gear and hit the throttle rather than coast over to the shoulder and park with the emergency brake applied as I often do. Get out of my head and accept the challenge. Write and share more. Take a class or two, test drive more cars, read up on the history of cars, talk to more people, and start vlogging. If this is indeed my passion…calling…then I should treat it as such (ala Kobe and Jordan). Write when no one is reading, stay grinding…stay hungry!

  • Work harder to become a better writer so that I can deliver better content!
  • Get out and experience more so that I can deliver more content!
  • Do more and don’t be content!

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