Happy Total “Eclipse” Day


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“C88” Harley Sportster

I have always been a fan of customization, whether it be cars, trucks, or motorcycles.  I have this yearning to build my own bike one day so I am always looking at what others have done. Watching biker build off shows and YouTube videos of retro Honda and Yamaha bobber builds.  The other day I came across this pic online and was immediately taken over-the-top when I saw the perfect execution of this Harley Sportster 883.  

Take a look at these pics of this custom build called C88.  This Harley has been re-imagined and built by DP Customs, a 2-man team building 2-wheel showstoppers. Not only are they a 2-man team, but they are also brothers, working in their passion and purpose. 

The color scheme on C88 pops very nicely and drew me in immediately upon seeing it.   The bike looks simple in design but does an EXCELLENT job of enhancing the amount of detail that was paid by these 2 gentlemen while building.  You can see the level of skill and passion that goes into every one of their builds. 

They are artist, and the fruits of their labor deserve to be shown and appreciated like any good piece of artwork.  Whether it be in a gallery, a motorcycle show, or out on the streets, DP Customs is representing. 


Here are a few of their other builds I found online.  

Absolutely stunning craftsmanship! 

Seventy Three

Check out their site and if you are looking for a custom one-off to get your weekend cruise on, hit them up. 

And if you are a builder, keep building and inspiring others. 

Perks Garage thanks you. 

Photos courtesy of DP Customs and the web.
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I live my life a 1/4 mile at a time. 

This video is friggin hilarious and highlights one of my pain points with Vin Diesel in the ‘Fast’ series.  I mean, ughhhh!!!  How many flipping times can you shift an automatic in a street race?  #savethemanuals 

I came across this video by the Car Bros today and could not stop laughing.   They did a great parody of a Fast and Furious race scene. 

My hats off to the Car Bros on YouTube. 

RIP Paul Walker

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Photo dump Thursday

I did a little car spotting over the past week and snagged a few pics.  My family went to check out Old Town Temecula over the weekend and I happened to come across a few nice looking vehicles on the main strip. 

Lowered Matte blue F10 BME M5

Laid out 1960 Caddy Sixty Two 
A clean 1950 Chevy pickup

I also came across this in the parking lot at work.

AC Shelby Cobra replica

Just a little Thursday photo dump to get you ready for the weekend.

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A little Miata time attack drift ride along

I received a text the other day from my neighbor, one half of the Wilde brothers, to come and check him and his son out at Adams Motorsports Park on Saturday.  Now I haven’t ridden in Dave’s car since he boosted the motor and got everything dialed in just over a year ago.  Well it appears that he has been practicing his drifting and working on lowering his track times all while driving the tread off the tires… literally.

My Saturday was free and I couldn’t miss this opportunity.  After getting the O.K. from my wife,  I drove out, paid the fee to get into the pit area and strapped on a helmet.  Now down in the pit area everyone was either cooling down from a run, prepping to hit the track or watching other drives on the track.  I saw 3 Miatas lined up and I made a beeline to join up with Dave and his son.  As previously stated it’s been a while since I’ve rode shotgun in this little red Miata, let alone on the track with him.  And right about now I’m thinking, what the h3ll did I just get myself into?

Doing the best I could to mask my fear, I manned up and fastened the strap on my helmet.  Once buckled in I hit the record button.  So with one hand holding the phone and the other gripping the onto the car for dear life the turbo spooled up and I felt my neck snap back!  We were off!!!  We were 3 Miatas deep on the track and all running crazy fast times.  The racecar/racetrack vibes were in full effect at this point.  The sound of the turbo spooling and tires squealing give such a visceral feeling that is hard to describe but you can see from the video how hard the Miata was getting worked.  With 265whp and a feather-lite 1800 lbs of stripped down Japanese weaponry, we had a blast!  I recorded the complete session and tried to capture Dave working the steering wheel with the ferver of a Formula 1 driver the best I could.

We got a little squirrelly at times but not like the guy behind us who spun-out towards the very end of the video.  Also if you look closely you can see the brakes sparking on the Miata in front of us under hard braking, but no crashes and everyone finished without injury.  Although a bit sweaty after the session, we all had HUUUUUGE smiles on our faces.

Another adventure in the books for me and Perks Garage.

Thank you Dave… until the next time.

A little drift demo. 

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