Mad Mike takes on South Africa 

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this video posted by Top Gear.  It features world famous drifter Mad Mike and his 812hp RHD 20B 3-rotor SP3 Mazda RX8 drift car cleverly named BADBUL due to its prowess on the track and his sponsorship with Red Bull.

The video is reminiscent of Japan’s infamous “Togue” which simply means “pass”, a form of hillside/mountain racing made famous over there.   Mike is dropped off in the South Africa  near Cape Town to run his beast of a Mazda up Franschhoek Pass in this epic visual drift demonstration.

Peep the heart-stopping hairpin drift.  You can see the Ken Block Gymkhana influence to live on the edge…literally.

Borrowed from redbull youtube.