L.A. Auto Show

Went to the L.A. Auto Show over the weekend and took a few pictures.  Some of these are cellphone pics from my Galaxy Note 5…awesome camera!  There were a lot of the same cars from the O.C. Auto Show I went to over a month ago,  but L.A. had a few more new ones on display.  Fiat previewed it’s new 124 Spyder that is based on the Miata platform and an interesting new entry from Alfa Romero – the Giulia, which promises 510 Italian horsepower.  Lots of spectators and a few celebrities in attendance.  I saw Josh Smith from the Clippers and Eddie Huang – Executive Producer for ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” both were signing autographs.  Hilarious show, please check it out when you get a chance.

Now on to the photos.

IMG_1626IMG_1631IMG_1630Alfa Romeo GiuliaIMG_1551










M4 GTSimage


70 Camaroimage


2016 GLI…surprisingly one of the few cars my 6′ 3″ son was able to sit comfortably in the back seat with plenty of head and leg room.image






Focus RSimage


2016 Camaro SSIMG_1556IMG_1555

R8IMG_1665IMG_1667IMG_1671Fiat 500IMG_1694IMG_1696Scion iMIMG_1564IMG_1565


IS350 IMG_1533Racecar 🙂IMG_1585Ford GTIMG_1643


BRZ STi ConceptIMG_1527


2015 StiIMG_1524

22b…MmmmmmIMG_1529SLS GTIMG_1546Scion ConceptIMG_1569ACR ViperIMG_1632


C63 AMG CoupeIMG_1550Lotus – customized by GASIMG_1600Mustang Rocket Edition by GASIMG_1605IMG_1608IMG_1609IMG_1610IMG_1618IMG_1620IMG_1621

Toyota Concept carsIMG_1578IMG_1582IMG_1583IMG_1580

That’s it.  I hope you enjoyed!



Chevy Corvette Z06


Unfortunately this was the best side view photo I could get of this beautiful Z06 as so many people were crowding around it at the Classic car show this weekend.  My wife says “no you can’t have one” because for some reason, she believes it is a car for old farts going thru a mid-life crisis.  Maybe it’s because that’s usually who we see driving them around our area.  All I know is that one day I will have one of these bad boys in my stable and not because I’m an old, bald, pervy guy picking up on young stock.  Oh wait, I am bald and getting old, lol.
I must say that these cars are amazing! Just look at it with it’s light weight construction, sharp lines, led lights up front and 650hp motor to match it’s futuristic styling.  This car definitely capable of putting a smile on your face, just standing still.  I have driven around in an early 90’s Vette and and early 2000 Z06, so I know what they are about…BUSINESS!!!  Chevy really did a number on this revamp and I must say that I had my reservations, but hats off  to you Chevrolet 🙌🙌🙌.   I am truly a believer in the new Stingray and Z06, and I haven’t even driven it…yet ;).  I do know a guy that is a bit of a car guy that is currently building one, and based on what has owned and modified in the past, I’m sure the customization world will be turned on its ear (full interview to come).  Until then, I will leave you with these quick snaps of the oh-la-la interior and oh yeah…that backside!  Enjoy.


Photos by M Perkins