A little Miata time attack drift ride along

I received a text the other day from my neighbor, one half of the Wilde brothers, to come and check him and his son out at Adams Motorsports Park on Saturday.  Now I haven’t ridden in Dave’s car since he boosted the motor and got everything dialed in just over a year ago.  Well it appears that he has been practicing his drifting and working on lowering his track times all while driving the tread off the tires… literally.

My Saturday was free and I couldn’t miss this opportunity.  After getting the O.K. from my wife,  I drove out, paid the fee to get into the pit area and strapped on a helmet.  Now down in the pit area everyone was either cooling down from a run, prepping to hit the track or watching other drives on the track.  I saw 3 Miatas lined up and I made a beeline to join up with Dave and his son.  As previously stated it’s been a while since I’ve rode shotgun in this little red Miata, let alone on the track with him.  And right about now I’m thinking, what the h3ll did I just get myself into?

Doing the best I could to mask my fear, I manned up and fastened the strap on my helmet.  Once buckled in I hit the record button.  So with one hand holding the phone and the other gripping the onto the car for dear life the turbo spooled up and I felt my neck snap back!  We were off!!!  We were 3 Miatas deep on the track and all running crazy fast times.  The racecar/racetrack vibes were in full effect at this point.  The sound of the turbo spooling and tires squealing give such a visceral feeling that is hard to describe but you can see from the video how hard the Miata was getting worked.  With 265whp and a feather-lite 1800 lbs of stripped down Japanese weaponry, we had a blast!  I recorded the complete session and tried to capture Dave working the steering wheel with the ferver of a Formula 1 driver the best I could.

We got a little squirrelly at times but not like the guy behind us who spun-out towards the very end of the video.  Also if you look closely you can see the brakes sparking on the Miata in front of us under hard braking, but no crashes and everyone finished without injury.  Although a bit sweaty after the session, we all had HUUUUUGE smiles on our faces.

Another adventure in the books for me and Perks Garage.

Thank you Dave… until the next time.

A little drift demo. 

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Oh, there Tanner is…Quantum Drift

I  have given Ken Block a lot of props in my blog post over the past year and have almost forgot that he was not the first star of action motorsports to wow me.  Here is one of my all time favorite drifters turned champion rally cross racer, Tanner Foust showing us that he is just as capable and fun to watch as #Block43

Enjoy the retro theme and music…I know I did.

Thanks Rockstar for making this video.

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Mad Mike takes on South Africa 

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this video posted by Top Gear.  It features world famous drifter Mad Mike and his 812hp RHD 20B 3-rotor SP3 Mazda RX8 drift car cleverly named BADBUL due to its prowess on the track and his sponsorship with Red Bull.

The video is reminiscent of Japan’s infamous “Togue” which simply means “pass”, a form of hillside/mountain racing made famous over there.   Mike is dropped off in the South Africa  near Cape Town to run his beast of a Mazda up Franschhoek Pass in this epic visual drift demonstration.

Peep the heart-stopping hairpin drift.  You can see the Ken Block Gymkhana influence to live on the edge…literally.

Borrowed from redbull youtube.