Gymkhana 8 is here, no wait it’s in…Dubai!?!

This is me usually when I am running late to catch the bus.  HAHAHA!  I kid, I kid!  This is actually the long awaited return of Ken Block and his Gymkhana series (#8 for those keeping track).  This time Ken and his 650hp Fiesta are raising havoc in Dubai.  Wait, what…they use Ferrari’s and G-Wagon’s for police cars in Dubai??? (Relax Mike this was just for the video).

Gymkhana 8 is truly a must see video for any driving enthusiast and exotic car nut. Coincidentally, this appears to be a super promo for some upcoming Ford vehicles. Check for the Ford Raptor, 2016 Focus RS and the 2017 Ford GT all making cameos.

Can’t wait for the Focus RS version in Gymkhana 9.



video courtesy of Ford