Meet the Hubinette’s – The ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ of the automotive world

I saw these videos the other day on YouTube and thought that I would pass them along.  A couple that works, plays, and drives (like this) together, stays together!


Thanks to the GT Channel and Driving Line for these videos.

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2016 Orange County International Auto Show…Press Coverage

Well, it finally happened.  I was granted a media pass to cover the #Orangecountyinternationalautoshow.  This opportunity was a great way to get in and take pics and video before the little sticky hand kids were allowed to enter and muck up everything.  Perks Garage is very thankful for the access and looking forward to covering more events in the near future.

During my prep for the event, I have been working on setting up a YouTube channel to host the videos we take here at Perks Garage to provide a full in debt review of features and functionality of vehicles, both new and old.

It felt pretty good to arrive at the auto show and be asked for my confirmation letter as then granted access.  I quickly parked the Audi, grabbed my gear and headed in for an unobstructed point of view of the cars on display, and the layout of the event.  Once inside a greeting table confirmed my name was on the list and provided me with my pass.  I was too late to receive a lanyard but I didn’t care…I have arrived.  There were plenty of other people from various media outlets.  Local News channels, fellow bloggers, YouTubers, and even some foreign independent channels roaming the floor.  Everyone was taking pictures and videos and interviewing people spewing out vehicle specs.  It is like a Hollywood gala for auto enthusiast…the bright lights and cameras minus the boogie attitudes.  I was not quiet ready to interview people, I just wanted to act as the cameraman/ videographer.

I had on hand my Canon, Galaxy Note 5 and a small handheld video recorder.  I took loooootttttsss of pictures and quite a few videos.  I took my time and was able to see every vehicle and even test drive a few that they made available for us.  Mazda, Honda and Toyota to name a few were on hand to do test drive demos soI jumped at the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5.  Disappointment quickly set in when I found out it was an automatic and the streets were pretty congested by that time.  After the test drive and brief survey, I did receive an email invite to attend a Mazda MX-5 track event, so that will make up for the weak test drive.  Insert corny car nut verbiage riiight…here!  “Yay Mazda…Zoom-Zoom!”

All in all the event was great.  Free access, free snacks and drinks, unobstructed views and full access to some very nice vehicles.  Thank you Orange County International Auto Show for the media pass.

Now on to some pics…A LOT OF THEM!  Scroll down to check out some video footage.


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Exotic Car Euphoria

Well, I’m posting this youtube video but in protest.  I believe that there is a great imbalance in the world and there needs to be a reckoning of some sort.  Maybe it was small thinking along the way that caused me to throw money away and not plan right while growing up or maybe just poor career choices.  Either way this video is very disturbing to watch and I am…well my heart is saddened.  I am at a loss for words to describe how…how…friggin amazing it must be to be the owner of a supercar.  Please,  ladies and gentlemen grab your kleenex, stretchy pants and a tub of your favorite ice cream and wallow at how sad your garage is compared to the people in this video, or how your Saturday does not start or end like this on a regular basis.

Docta M3 is the man and I love his videos.  He is inspirational for anyone out there that is a lover of exotic cars and plans to own one like I do one day.  I would love to hang with this guy for a day or two and interview him and discuss his company Supercars Personified.  I’ll tag him in this blog post and see if it reaches him.

Now sit back, turn up the sound and listen to the crackle of the exhaust from the Huracan.  Use that kleenex you just grabbed to wipe up the drool and the tears you just shed after seeing that dreamy McLaren, The M2, or the M235i or those 996s.

“I’m not gonna do what everyone thinks I’m gonna do and… FLIP OUT man… all I wanna know is… who’s coming with me? Who’s coming, man? Who’s coming with me?”

Who wants to road trip to Pittsburgh with me?