205mph Supra Interview – Part 1

Check it out everyone, a video has been posted from #imgonein60 YouTube channel.   It is an interview featuring Antrel  & his 1000hp MK4 Toyota Supra following his 205mph run at #thetexasmile in October.  This is only part 1 of a multipart segment. 

If you know Antrel and his passion for cars, you know he has a lot to say, so trust that this story is well worth a listen.  The video also captures a lot of the raw sound of the Supra motor and that massive turbo spooling.  Check it out, like, subscribe and support.

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The 2020 Toyota Supra

The all new 2020 Toyota Supra had finally begin unveiled. And it is gorgeous! Powered by a 335hp turbocharged inline 6cyl engine with 365lb-ft of torque. This is the spawn of Toyota and BMW giving each other backrubs over latenight candlelight dinners. The design is on point albeit a short wheelbase but that helps keep it nimble considering how large its predecessor was. Waiting on driving reviews to flood the interwebz so that I can get a sense of how it performs. Especially considering it’s a $50k Toyota sportscar. With only 335 hp I’m looking for info on the TRD edition. That should be a beast.

“Our aim was to build a pure sports car offering the ultimate in driving pleasure,” explains Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer on the development project. “Rather than just chasing the right numbers for horsepower or lap times, we also focused on the sensory experience to let the driver become part of the car and feel the pleasure of driving.”https://toyotagazooracing.com/gr/supra/

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2017 Acura NSX

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This weekend the Long Beach marina was host to the annual JCCS.  One of the Perks Garage field reporters/photogs ventured out to this beautiful marina, which is also home to the incredible Queen Mary, to capture these images from the JCCS.  

For those who don’t know, the JCCS stands for Japanese Classic Car Show.  An event that takes place once a year and is home to the best restored Japanese classics found in Southern California.  It is not uncommon for car clubs to make appearances or for a Japanese Auto manufacturer to bring out a concept or pre-production car.  Evident with the amount of GTR’s on deck and the black Lexus coupe that was on display. 

The weather was perfect as usual and the turn out was great.  Enjoy the pics,  thanks Erik for providing them. 

Lexus LC500

1982 Toyota Tercel

Grand Turismo Cosmos

Clean Datsun 510’s

Mitsubishi Starion’s

A little retro facelift on these two s14s to give them that classic styling.

Lets play charades…Dhaitsu Charade that is!

All pics courtesy of E@PerksGarage.

Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day – Vaughn Gittin Jr drift demo

This weekend I was fairly busy.  Sunday I went down to Angels Stadium for the Nitto tires Auto Enthusiast Day.  It was HOT, HOT, HOT, but it was a really nice turn out. Lots of intoxicating exhaust sounds, cool cars and great people.  Ford was there representing with an autocross track for their Mustang and the Focus ST.  The Focus RS was on display as well for people to sit in and take photos.  There were also some drifting ride alongs and tandem drift demos giving by Vaughn Gittin Jr.  Me and my buddy walked around for a couple of hours checking out the cars and meeting some of the builders of these customized vehicles.  I captured a few videos and snapped a few photos before the hunger and heat got the best of me.  

Enjoy…I know I did. 

Old school meets new school…

This pair of old school Benz’s were done completely in house by Ranz Motorsports Inc. of El Monte, CA. Only the wheels were brought in.  They were able to do custom motor swaps courtesy of a Toyota 1JZ and a Benz SL AMG to help lay down some serious power for this old school pair.  The interiors were treated to custom modern amenities from newer Lexus and Mercedes models, while the specially made wheels complete the look and set the cars off nicely.  Be sure to check them out.

I also spent some time behind the wheel of a 2015 Audi S5…I didn’t want to like the car,  but it stole my heart. The interior with all of its carbon fiber accents, the drive select ability to change the ride comfort, engine note and steering feel.  The Alcantara and leather seats along with the door inserts.  Flat bottom steering wheel, aluminum accents and the tech package.  Power delivery was very impressive in dynamic mode and the quattro handling was enhanced by the 19 inch sports wheel package…OMG!

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All photos and videos courtesy of Perks Garage!