BMW of Riverside Cars & Coffee

Alrighty, I am finally getting around to posting these from my Sunday outing. I was scrolling thru Facebook last week and saw that my local BMW dealership was hosting a Sunday edition of Cars & Coffee. With this one being held from 8-11 on a Sunday rather than the typical Saturday 7-10 time slot that most are held made it easier for me to attend.

You can tell from the pictures it was a decent turn out with some rather nice cars. I mainly went because I am slowly becoming a fan of BMW’s more and more and really would like to get the M2 on the road and track and of course parked in my garage one day. I do have some familiarity with the Bavarian car maker brand a I’ve done a drive event or two and have an infatuation with the European models that we don’t see here stateside. The one that I’m watching a lot of content on is the M140i/M240i hatchbacks, particularly the Motech and Motech Shadow editions. These cars are tuned by a BMW tuning company called Motech and then sold through dealerships in Europe. These share the same platform and engine that we see here in the 135i and the M235i/240i coupes but with a few engine upgrades, body pieces and tweaks to the suspension. The M235/240 coupes are nice but take a backseat to the full track monster found in the M2. But that’s another story and topic to cover…back to the Cars & Coffee event.

Again nice cars, a dj playing music, prizes, chill people, reving contest and a sense of community as with any car group. The only difference is you get the feeling with some of these guys that it’s BMW or nothing. I even heard someone commenting on my ST as I drove onto the lot to park. It’s to be expected as I was crashing their party, so no big deal. Enough chatter on to the pics and video.

Nice wrap on this one

Widebody M4

The Shark

Miata (MX-5) is always the answer

Track built manual M2 🙂

The 1M coupe…gotta love these

Z3M Coupe A.K.A. The Shoe

I spy boosted performance peaking from behind the front bumper

E30 M3…one of my favorites

Check the license plate. AMG owners beware!

Time to start recycling and saving up those pennies

This M5 with the M-Performance exhaust looked and sounded wicked

A little video of the event.

I hope you enjoyed the pics.

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Is the M2 becoming a true M car?

Just released is this video from Shmee150 on YouTube. First off, I dig his channel and enthusiasm. From his drive videos to his collection day videos, he does a great job of delivering very entertaining and thorough content.

In this video he brings to us the M2 Competition. A new version of the M2 for the upcoming 2019 year. The M2 Competition host a full array of upgrades and a refresh worthy of finally granting this 2 series a true M badge. The current M2 does set itself apart from the other 2 Series in BMW’s line up visually with its flared hips and signature quad exhaust, but the model lines becomes blurred once you open the door as it doesn’t look any different than a fully loaded 228/230 or the M235/240i.

For the Competition, you now get the optional sport seats you find in the F80 M3/4, a new set of Competition only wheels, a slightly redesigned front fascia incorporating a new BMW Kidney grill design (which I love). Inside you now get the option of blue or orange stiching that runs throughout the cabin. An all new touchscreen along with new digital gauges, a departure from the historic analog gauges that BMW has held onto for so long.

But the true M car-esque comes from the little M button on the steering wheel that was missing from the current production M2. M series cars have a had the M button to switch driving modes for their owners street and track settings. Oh and they also dropped in the 400hp version on the M3/4 engine. Can you say more power! An extra 40 horses over the current model.

I’ll dig further to find out more info but for now it looks like the M2 will finally stop wavering on the line of “is it, or isn’t it” a true BMW M car.

Borrowed photo

Video courtesy of Shmee150

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Exotic Car Euphoria

Well, I’m posting this youtube video but in protest.  I believe that there is a great imbalance in the world and there needs to be a reckoning of some sort.  Maybe it was small thinking along the way that caused me to throw money away and not plan right while growing up or maybe just poor career choices.  Either way this video is very disturbing to watch and I am…well my heart is saddened.  I am at a loss for words to describe how…how…friggin amazing it must be to be the owner of a supercar.  Please,  ladies and gentlemen grab your kleenex, stretchy pants and a tub of your favorite ice cream and wallow at how sad your garage is compared to the people in this video, or how your Saturday does not start or end like this on a regular basis.

Docta M3 is the man and I love his videos.  He is inspirational for anyone out there that is a lover of exotic cars and plans to own one like I do one day.  I would love to hang with this guy for a day or two and interview him and discuss his company Supercars Personified.  I’ll tag him in this blog post and see if it reaches him.

Now sit back, turn up the sound and listen to the crackle of the exhaust from the Huracan.  Use that kleenex you just grabbed to wipe up the drool and the tears you just shed after seeing that dreamy McLaren, The M2, or the M235i or those 996s.

“I’m not gonna do what everyone thinks I’m gonna do and… FLIP OUT man… all I wanna know is… who’s coming with me? Who’s coming, man? Who’s coming with me?”

Who wants to road trip to Pittsburgh with me?