The Infamous 205mph Run video!!!

This just in… I have recieved footage of Antrel of Pride Motor Sports hitting 205 Miles Per Hour in his MKIV Supra. The run was achieved at The Texas Mile race held at the Victoria Texas Airport. It is hard to imagine going 200mph, but to achieve that goal was a site to see.

I am so very proud of what Antrel has accomplished, and I was extremely honored to report on it as well as memorialize this momentous feet with pictures and video.

Take a look at the YouTube video put together by his brother Derick and lets give this man his props.

This is only the beginning!!!

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The unofficial VW Golf R appreciation day. 

Im a fan of VW and the cars they put out. From the MKI Gti, B5 and B5.5 Passat wagons, latest gen Scirocco (thanks VW for blocking the US from importing these) to the MK3 Cabrio.  I have drooled over the tuning and customization possibilities of them all.  But there is one car that hits the sweet spot and is a cult favorite…the VW R32/ Golf R.  This is a must have for me one day.  Preferably a MKIV with HPA twin turbo kit fitted to that songbird of an engine…the VR6.

This videos harmonic symphony explains why.   

Turn up ya speakas, Yo!  Listen to all that VR6 and turbo goodness. 

Now if I could only get my car to sound this good.

Below is probably my favorite YouTube video.

Thanks to blechfilm de And HG Motorsports for creating this video and putting such an amazing car together.  Hats off to you both. 

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