All Hail the Avant!

I want to go on record to express my utter disgust in America…for not importing to the states the greatest compromise car in the world.  The Audi RS6 Avant!  

Why are we so against fast wagons here?  
I mean we never truly got the Audi RS4 Avant.

They killed off the Audi S4 Avant.

No more Dodge SRT8 Magnum Wagon.

The dearly missed plushed out CTS-V Wagon. 

What we’re left with is the Mercedes E63 AMG S Wagon…

and the Volvo V60? Well at least we get the Polestar variant!

Where are our other options ‘merica?!
I feel it is my God given right as an American citizen to haul 4 adults and half of the Home Depot store in the back while hauling a$$ down a long stretch of a winding road in a 600hp wagon (avant) wearing a nice fitting suit accented by my favorite heel-toe diving shoes while listening to Kenny G. We need choices and lots of them. 

Not saying I can write a $100k check at this moment,  but I would love to bask in the automotive essence that other countries have where a super car is not just a Lambo or GT3 RS, but something that more than 2 people can ride in. 

Sorry for the rant but watching these two videos struck a nerve with me. 

Courtesy of Auditography

Courtesy of Supercars Of London

Images from the interwebs.

Words by The “European-blooded” Perk.