Tesla just Sent It!

“Full Self-Driving” video just released from Tesla. I personally would be extremely nervous with the merging and pulling out into traffic aspects. Especially given the way road repairs and freeway construction are suspect at best these days. Some of these on ramps just spit you out into traffic without any run-off to build up speed and merge properly.

Watching this I see that they are one step closer to…I was going to say stealing the joy from those of us you like to drive and control a vehicle, but I won’t. I do think some people need not get behind the wheel, so this will help and settle my nerves when I see some distracted driver barrelling down the road straddling lanes. So with that said, hats off to Tesla for their innovation and strides at automotive autonomy. Now please make this technology affordable to the masses and soon.

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Car Classic 2018

Here’s a preview of an event that I recently attended. The Car Classic 2018 hosted by the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. There were many in attendance from spectators, media, exhibitors, students, alumni and special guests. A full post will follow soon as I have been a little busy working on a few upcoming stories. For now please enjoy these beauties. It’s just a little taste of what was on display on a beautiful sunny day in California.

Tesla Roadster
Bugatti Type57/59 Special Roadster



BMW Z8 Roadster


Beautiful Buick Riviera



Sketches and artwork from past and present students were on display

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Look Ma…No hands!

I know what you’re thinking, “Another Tesla post!” but this is the most intriguing of all.  Tesla has just completed a Version 7 update which has enhanced it’s autopilot functionality, moving us one step closer to a fully autonomous vehicle.

Take a look at these two videos.

This video is a bit long, but covers the driving capabilities of Tesla’s autopilot pretty well.  Take a look.

And this one is by CNET

Both borrowed from YouTube

Now this is how I want to commute.  Look Ma…No hands!

Tesla Model X…A Sports Car?

Two words…Ludicrous Mode!  No not the rapper the uttered the words “Move…get out the way!” but Tesla is shouting it with their $10k option on the Model X P90.  Tesla has created stronger more powerful batteries to deliver blistering fast 0-60 times with the push of a button.  With the batteries positioned under the passenger compartment, the Model X is well balanced.  Imagine hitting 60mph in 3.3 seconds, just as fast as your neighbors Porsche GT3 RS and taking turns at fairly high speeds like you are in a low profiled sedan, but in what looks like a giant hard boiled egg.  I kid about the looks, as I do dig the styling a lot, especially the falcon-winged style opening of the rear doors.  Both utiltarian and space conscious. 

With the introduction of the Model X, Tesla is making a run to trump the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, BMW X5M and Mercedes GL AMG and any other sporty SUV contender out there attempting to whoo people looking to tote theirs rugrats around to hockey practice or band camp.  The Tesla Model X should make runs to the grocery store waaaay more fun than that wood-paneled station wagon of yester-year.

So move over 3-minute eggs, and make way for Teslsa’s 3-second soccer mom mobile. 

Way to go Mr Musk.

Take a look at this Jalopnik video of the Tesla Model X press event.

Oh my, check out the giant windshield!

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Tesla Model X Deliveries Begin in September – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

I saw this and had to borrow this article from the Car and Driver headlines http://blog.caranddriver.com/tesla-model-x-deliveries-to-begin-in-september-model-3-promised-for-late-2017/.

Yes, Tesla is finally rolling out it’s Model X just in time for the Christmas season.  All you soccer moms out there can finally rejoice, and dad…so can you.  Sleek stylish and gadget-laden, this all-electric-powered CUV with its throwback gull-winged rear doors will fit the utilitarian bill for many families.  Spacious and very forwardly designed it is ready to nestle up in your garage next to your Honda Accord, Chevy Corvette, or whatever stable mate you have waiting.

Now we all can’t afford to run out and buy a Tesla Model S P85D (come on lottery numbers), but we will be able to pack up the fam-bam and haul them around in something just as cool.  The Model X is the future of family haulers and I expect to see if making its mark on America, just as the Model S has done.  Tesla has a goal to sell 500k vehicles per year, so anticipate their vehicles to be attainable as the company expands its line-up.  And don’t forget, Elon has his yet to be revealed Model 3 following in 2017.  The $35,000 Model 3 is an entry level everyday man car, and from what I read will have different body variants.  I am hoping for a cool hatchback or better yet a Tesla Wagon…why?  Because wagons make me giddy!

Take a look at the article and get ready to place your orders for the September release of this amazingly revolutionary new Tesla model.

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