Drift Battle Hoonigan Style

I remember when back in the day when they were only drifting Hachi-Roku’s a.k.a. AE86’s a.k.a. Toyota Corolla hatchbacks


and Silvia’s.


We would beam with joy from as the pillows of smoke, the screeching of tires and the smell of burnt rubber filled the air at drift events.  You could hear the crowd cheering and screaming “one more ‘gin!” A way to tell the judges that the drift battle was too close to call. Those moments fueled me to want to get my hands on a rear-wheel drive something, just to practice sliding around corners.

Since the day Formula D was first introduced to America’s soil and trickled it’s way down to SoCal,  thousands of kids bought and modified every Nissan 240SX and Corolla they could get their hands on. Well in the last 20 years (plus or minus), things have changed…A LOT!!!

When did a Lambo become disposable enough to do the dirty dance against Formula D champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the streets on Russia?  Check out this video.

A Lambo…really?!

Video from Monster.

Photos borrowed gingerly from the interwebs…hehe.

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