Can you hear me now?

After doing the diy wing riser the next step is to either modify the factory antenna so that it does not bend up against the wing when the hatch is open or get a shorter antenna. I went to my phone and opened up my eBay app and figured I’d see what was available. I came across some stubby 5″, 3″, and even 1.4″ carbon fiber antennas and figured why not give them a shot. I purchased the 2 smaller ones for a little radio reception comparison.

Comparing the stubby antennas to the stock one.

The antennas came with the necessary universal hardware screws (show above) along with some song washers for a nice snug fit.

Test fitting them here.

I mounted both but decided to start with the 1.4″ and work my way up if needed.

Here is how they mount. Simple find and insert the correct size threaded screw and then twist on the antenna with the song washer between the base and antenna.

Here are a few angles of it mounted.

Simple and cleans up the profile of the car even more.

So far the reception seems ok driving around the neighborhood. Updates to follow.

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