Tesla Model X…A Sports Car?

Two words…Ludicrous Mode!  No not the rapper the uttered the words “Move…get out the way!” but Tesla is shouting it with their $10k option on the Model X P90.  Tesla has created stronger more powerful batteries to deliver blistering fast 0-60 times with the push of a button.  With the batteries positioned under the passenger compartment, the Model X is well balanced.  Imagine hitting 60mph in 3.3 seconds, just as fast as your neighbors Porsche GT3 RS and taking turns at fairly high speeds like you are in a low profiled sedan, but in what looks like a giant hard boiled egg.  I kid about the looks, as I do dig the styling a lot, especially the falcon-winged style opening of the rear doors.  Both utiltarian and space conscious. 

With the introduction of the Model X, Tesla is making a run to trump the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, BMW X5M and Mercedes GL AMG and any other sporty SUV contender out there attempting to whoo people looking to tote theirs rugrats around to hockey practice or band camp.  The Tesla Model X should make runs to the grocery store waaaay more fun than that wood-paneled station wagon of yester-year.

So move over 3-minute eggs, and make way for Teslsa’s 3-second soccer mom mobile. 

Way to go Mr Musk.

Take a look at this Jalopnik video of the Tesla Model X press event.

Oh my, check out the giant windshield!

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2 thoughts on “Tesla Model X…A Sports Car?

  1. 07GSXR1000 says:

    Well, when i stepped out into our work parking lot and saw a new MB GLE AMG..my first thought was that famous line from Predator, when, at the end, Arnold looks down at the alien and says “you’re one ugly ….” or, for those that remember those old “Jiffy Pop” commercials..watching the pop corn expand in that foil compartment right on your stove…I thought for sure the Benz was a maxed out, ready to …well, pop.. sorry, for a company that’s 120 years old etc..a “star” emblem that used to carry some pride and panache, that meant something..all i can say is “really??? that’s the best you can do?” wow..Sure, the Tesla X, for all its high tech, wizardry, i give this model a “B-“..i don’t care how fast it goes in ludicrous mode (i remember V-8s in Pintos, Z cars and 914s) ..i just wouldn’t want to be seen in this…if just to be different and do something strange, i’ll take that new toyota “mirai”, thank you….


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